In the GTD (Getting Things Done) blog, David Allen said, “If my brain had a brain I wouldn’t need a system.” How true is that statement! We are constantly thinking through everything that we have to do. They question is can we ORGANIZE those thoughts in order to get them done?
David’s book Getting Things Done has been both helpful and enjoyable. He communicates his key to organizational success is to capture, clarify, organize, and reflect. Capturing helps us to get a broad picture about everything that we need to get done. Clarify is when we decide if it is something that can be done right now or if we can wait. Organize is when we put them into categories. Reflecting allows you to look through the whole.
These principles can we so helpful for those who, like myself are looking for a job. Taking time each morning and capture all your thoughts on your job hunt. Clarify the importance of each of these to you. Then organize them into a priority list. Finally reflect over them. Use helpful websites to help you accomplish this like twitter, LinkedIn, PersonaVita, etc.
If your brain had a brain you would not need to organize your job hunt. However, since it does not – use the GTD model to help you.